Welcome to the Social Stylings website.

Hello there lovely!

My name is Mackayla Paul and I am an Instagram Marketing Specialist based in Brisbane, Australia.

I am passionate about teaching female business owners how to create irresistible Instagram profiles that convert followers into paying customers.

When I first started my career journey I was struggling to decide between my two passions; Fashion and Digital Marketing.

After moving my marketing passion to the side, I began working in wholesale fashion sales for a well-known Australian Fashion Label, as well as Visual Merchandising for a large Australian department store.

It was there that I came to realise how many smaller fashion boutiques were struggling to be seen online, and the idea for Social Stylings was born.


My mission is to educate and empower female business owners in the Fashion and Beauty industries so that they can stay competitive and stop settling for mediocre marketing results.

My Instagram Masterclass is completely tailored towards SME’s in the Fashion and Beauty industries and is the only training of its kind in Australia.

I also offer 1:1 consulting services for small business owners who need tailored advice and guidance towards their Instagram Marketing strategies.

To learn more about my business journey, you can have a read of these interviews I have done with fellow female business owners.

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