Instagram Features to Use Like a Pro in 2018


This year Instagram came out with waaay too many new features – let’s be honest, it was definitely a year of Instagram overload.

However, there have certainly been features that have become absolutely essential to pro-Instagram users. So much so that I hardly know how we survived without them beforehand!

In this blog post, I’m going to dive in deep with you on three Instagram Features that you will definitely have if you’ve updated the app, that you can start using like a pro today.

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Instagram Tools You Need to Use in 2018

Instagram Tools for 2018Perhaps you are just starting out with Instagram and you’d love some quick recommendations.

Or, if you are a seasoned Instagrammer, you may simply want to know a few tools that you can use to up your Instagram game.

I hear you!

In this blog, I would love to share with you some essential Instagram tools that I think you should download and start using to prepare for an INCREDIBLE 2018.

Sound good? Let’s find out what these tools are.


3 Tips to Drive Sales For Your Online Store This Christmas

Drive Sales Online Store Christmas

Whether you plan on decking the halls or celebrating your own way, you can’t deny that the Christmas holiday season is a prime time to drive sales for your online store.

Perhaps you sell Jewellery, or Clothing, or even Homewares and other items that could make perfect gift ideas!

But the trouble, as it is year-round, is how are you going to actually get people to go to your online store and make a purchase from you?

What strategies can you implement to drive sales for your online store?

Here are three different approaches that you could take that can help you along the way to achieving a profitable Christmas period for your online store.


How to Find Images to Post to Instagram for Your Small Business

Find Instagram Images to Post

Let’s face it – if you don’t have any images to post on Instagram, it becomes very difficult to grow your account!

One of the biggest frustrations I have heard from small business owners is how on earth are they meant to find images to post on Instagram?

Some types of small businesses (such as service-based businesses) may not have a tangible product to take photos of.

Or, perhaps they are just time poor and don’t have the time or the skills to create beautiful imagery for Instagram.

So what do you do?


How to Shop Small Business This Christmas on Instagram

We all like to do good around the holidays.

We feel merry, we feel generous.

And one of my favourite new traditions that i’d like to pass on to you is shopping, and gifting, from Small Businesses.

But sometimes it can be hard to come up with exciting gift ideas that we can buy from Small Businesses – why is that?


Four Types of Instagram Influencers and How to Spot Them

Instagram Influencers

If you are a Fashion or Beauty business owner, it is likely that at some point in your marketing journey you have considered utilizing the power of an Instagram Influencer to drive sales and increase brand awareness.

However, the waters of Influencer Marketing are murky – and it can be difficult to understand which type of influencer you should be using for your business.

In today’s blog post I want to help demystify what types of Instagram Influencers you could work with.

Ready to get started? Let’s dig right into the juicy details!