Want to know about the programs, softwares, and service providers that I recommend?

Since I began my journey as an online business owner in January 2016, I have learnt a lot. I’ve tried plenty of different softwares and programs and these are the ones that have stood the test of time.

I’ve also taken the time to list out some of my favourite service providers who can assist you in other aspects of your marketing and business that I don’t offer through Social Stylings.

Please note, some of these links are affiliate links, which mean that I earn a small commission if you choose to use any of my recommendations.




Screencast-O-Matic: For Filming Online Courses

Bluehost: For Website Hosting + Domain Purchasing

WordPress: For Website Building

Bluchic Themes: For WordPress Website Templates

Acuity Scheduling: For Appointment Setting + Payments

Xero: For Accounting

Gmail For Work: For Email Hosting





Plann: For Instagram Scheduling

Pic-Tap-Go: For Photo Editing

Dropbox: For Photo and File Storage





Origami Globe: For Social Media Competition Set-Up and Planning

Paper Meets Pixel: For Branding Development and Consultancy

Priscilla Ann Skippington: For Logo Design

CLJ Media: For Instagram Account Management

Styled and Scripted: For SEO Copywriting and SEO Website Checks

Her Creative Studio: For Styled Stock Photography

Enthusia: Accounting and Business Vacation Care